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The Mind Over Finger Podcast

May 21, 2019

Experience the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition from the perspective of the team of incredibly supportive, loving, and dedicated people that are essential in making all of this magic happen: the coaches, the parents, the many organizations involved and, of course, the Fischoff team itself.


Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition:




Rodolpho Vieira – Music Institute of Chicago Academy -

  • Coach of the Xena & Fiero string quartets

Scott Tegge – Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra -

  • Screening Committee member for the Senior Winds/Brass Division & coach of the Fab Five brass quintet

Joseph Maile – San Francisco Conservatory pre-college -

Tom Snidacker – Merit School of Music -

  • Coach of the Precipice Saxophone Quartet

Brayer Teague

  • Parent and Fine Arts Department Chair at Downers Grove North High School & Past State President of the Illinois Music Education Association

Parents of the Fiero String Quartet from the Music Institute of Chicago

  • Isabella Brown & Kaylin Liu, violin; Elena Galentas, viola; Alon Hayut, cello

Scott Linder

Allan Dennis – Midwest Young Artist Conservatory -

  • President & Founder

Deborah Price - Chamber Music Connection -

  • Founder & Artistic Director

Si-Yan Darren Li - Cleveland Institute of Music -

  • String chamber music coordinator & Chamber music faculty

Tom Rosenberg – Artistic Director of Fischoff & Director of the Chamber Music Academy at the St-Paul Conservatory of Music



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Most sincere thank you to composer Jim Stephenson who graciously provided the show’s musical theme!  Concerto #1 for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra – Movement 2: Allegro con Brio, performed by Jeffrey Work, trumpet, and the Lake Forest Symphony, conducted by Jim Stephenson.

Also a huge thank you to my producer, Bella Kelly!




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