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The Mind Over Finger Podcast

Jan 21, 2022

Ways to expand our horizons as musicians, artists, and humans.

“Our work as artists and as citizens in the world is to literally stand in the gap.” -  Vijay Gupta, Mind Over Finger Podcast Episode 115


Welcome to the first episode of this try it at home series!  In those episodes, you will get suggestions on how you can take the actionable tip from the latest interview of the Mind Over Finger Podcast, try it at home, and make it your own! 

Let’s unpack this awesome wisdom together and apply it in our lives. 

And: just for you, I’ve created a free resource that has all the steps I’m about to share.  Download it here to follow along and continue the reflection after the episode. 

You can also find the link at


This week: the wisdom of violinist and citizen-artist, Vijay Gupta

Catch Vijay’s conversation with me on the Mind Over Finger Podcast in episode 115