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The Mind Over Finger Podcast

Dec 8, 2023

Conversation with Dr. Hannah Murray of corpSonore, including topics such as:

  • Why understanding anatomy is crucial for musicians to play with proper technique and avoid injuries.
  • The importance of distributing tension and integrity evenly throughout the body for better music-making.
  • The importance of patience in the practice room, as it allows for deeper exploration and understanding of the body and movement.
  • Our views on the need for a more holistic approach to music education
  • And so much more!

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As a gift to you, Hannah has created a code for 1 free class on the corpSonore platform. You can use code MOF10 at checkout to attend any live class or use it for any class in the on-demand library.


The Pain Free Performer

The Pain-Free Performer is a 3-month program beginning January 8th. This experience is designed for musicians looking for solutions to playing-related pain and discomfort who feel like they have untapped potential inside of them. If you've struggled with the same aches and pains for years and can't quite find a long-term fix, your nerves get the best of you in high-stress environments, or your students constantly ask you questions you feel you can't answer, this course is for you. CorpSonore has carefully crafted this offering to support your music-making and enhance your artistry using a 3-dimensional approach that includes nutrition, movement, mindfulness, anatomy, private study, group classes, guest masterclasses, and ongoing support. It's time to take care of musicians and create long-lasting careers from the inside out.

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Mind Over Finger

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Most sincere thank you to composer Jim Stephenson who graciously provided the show’s musical theme:  Concerto #1 for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra – Movement 2: Allegro con Brio, performed by Jeffrey Work, trumpet, and the Lake Forest Symphony, conducted by Jim Stephenson.