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The Mind Over Finger Podcast

May 20, 2019


Experience the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition from the perspective of the musicians participating.  Hear conversations about their experience at Fischoff, their preparation process, and the dedication and many sacrifices that go along with entering a national chamber music competition.


Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition:





Dajj String Quartet - Chamber Music Connection , Worthington, OH -

Anna Linder & Mathias Koo, violin; Julian Tugaoen, viola; Jackson Tomsic, cello

Catharsis Winds – Cleveland Institute of Music, OH -

Jessica Chancey, flute; Isaac Ripple, oboe; Shihao Hugh Zhu, clarinet; Willem Crone, horn; Corbin Krebs, bassoon

Chiave Trio – Music Institute of Chicago Academy, IL -

Esme Arias-Kim, Kelly Kim, violin & viola; Yerin Yang, piano

Fab Five Brass Quintet – Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra -

Nick Szoblik & Louis Vacha, trumpet; Miles Teague, horn; Megan Martin, trombone; Christjovan Massao, tuba

Fiero String Quartet – Music Institute of Chicago Academy, IL -

Isabella Brown & Kaylin Liu, violin; Elena Galentas, viola; Alon Hayut, cello

Galvin Trio – Northwestern University, Evanston IL -

Nanao Yamada, violin; Jasmine Pai, cello; Nansong Huang, piano

Lafontaine Quartet – McGill University, Montréal QC -

Aaron Chan & Astrid Nakamura, violin; Emily Rekrut-Pressey, viola; Fiona Robson, cello

Precipice Saxophone Quartet- Merit School of Music, Chicago IL -

Emmett Connolly, Cole Moorhead, Christopher Li, Taki Salameh, saxophone

Éclatante String Quartet – Starling Preparatory Project, Cincinatti OH -

Christina Nam & Skye Park, violin; Jennifer Armor, viola; Meagan Hipsky, cello

Avanzare String Quartet – Cleveland Institute of Music, OH -

Rebecca Benjamin & Yu-Ming Ma, violin; Serena Hsu, viola; Wei-An Hung, cello

The Bone Rangers – Merit School of Music, Chicago IL -

Liam Coyne, Jonah Blake, Christopher Tam, Rafael Noriega, trombone

Merz Trio, New York NY -

Brigid Coleridge, violin; Julia Yang, cello; Eric (Lee) Dionne, piano



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Most sincere thank you to composer Jim Stephenson who graciously provided the show’s musical theme!  Concerto #1 for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra – Movement 2: Allegro con Brio, performed by Jeffrey Work, trumpet, and the Lake Forest Symphony, conducted by Jim Stephenson.

Also a huge thank you to my producer, Bella Kelly!




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